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  Re: Non - rgbf 1 pigment only applied to surface.  
From: Alain Martel
Date: 8 May 2020 02:17:35
Le 2020-05-07 à 21:10, Bald Eagle a écrit :
> Suppose you take a pigment pattern and use a color map with one color, the other
> being clear.   Texture a box with that.   Only the sides of the box are
> textured, so it appears hollow.   This makes some sense due to POV-Ray only
> raytracing surfaces, however since the rays obviously travel through the box to
> the other faces and beyond, I wonder what it would take to have the rays
> "detect" and pigment the first non rgbf 1 region.
> Testing this with pigment {spherical}, one might naively assume to see the
> sphere - but only if you make the edge of the textured box intersect somewhere
> less than 1.

Add an interior.
You can then give it an IOR that will cause rays entering to be refracted.
Fill it with some media that use the same pigment as the container. In 
thos case, don't forget to use hollow.

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