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  Re: Bright Spot  
From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 21 Dec 2019 12:08:07
Op 21/12/2019 om 02:31 schreef AndreyG:
> I image wood textured surface covered with glass.
> Camera positioned perpendicular to imaged surface
> Illumination done using Parallel light source.
> Light falls perpendicular to imaged surface.
> When there is no glass camera shows image with uniformal brightness across the
> field â what I would expect.
> When image overlaid with glass camera depicts bright spot right in the centre of
> the image.
> As it is shown here:
> https://imgur.com/a/xzflV2T
> What causes bright spot? Is it reflection of light source? But there is no
> source, all light rays a parallel and fall perpendicularly to the surface. What
> causes bright spot?

It is the reflection of the light source. In your case, I assume you have:

light_source {
   <0, 0, 0>
   color rgb YourColor
   translate YourLightPosition

The term parallel does not mean that the light source becomes a wide, 
flat, surface. It remains a point light and is reflected as such. 
Parallel only means that the incident light rays on the surface from a 
very distant source are parallel, like for instance Sun light. See:



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