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  Re: Trying to Apply Focal Blur on an Orthographic Projection  
From: Alain Martel
Date: 13 Nov 2019 01:25:09
Le 2019-11-12 à 19:52, Drawliphant a écrit :
> The language allows me to define focal blur on an orthographic projection but
> the results i'm getting are meaningless images of the scene blurred out of
> existence (I used lots of aperture values and they where all this way). I know
> focal blur doesn't make physical sense for orthographic projection. I would
> define focal blur here as each ray is parallel except for a bit of a random
> angle. I'm trying to simulate rays from the sun. (Like a blurred out image from
> the perspective of the sun.) Has anyone gotten focal blur to produce something
> good in orthographic, otherwise could I define my own camera to do this?

Never experimented with that, but...

Make the aperture small. Start with 1/10 of the smallest value that you 
tried or smaller.
Do set look_at.
Make the focal point the same as the look_at.

Things on the plane defined by the focal point perpendicular to the 
camera's location to the focal point vector SHOULD be in focus.

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