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From: William F Pokorny
Date: 12 May 2019 12:37:48
On 5/11/19 2:52 PM, J. Max Wilson wrote:
> I posted about this in the povray.tools.general group back on April 16th, but
> didn't get any responses, so I thought maybe I should share it here as well.
> Visual Studio Code is a fantastic open source, cross-platform code editor
> created and maintained by Microsoft. It has a powerful extension API that can be
> used to add syntax highlighting, code snippets, intellisense, linting, and build
> tasks. Developers have created extensions to add support for
> just about every programming and scripting language under the sun.
> I've created an extension that adds POV-Ray support to Visual Studio Code. It
> turns VS Code into a powerful cross-platform POV-Ray editor. If you have POV-Ray
> installed to run on the command line, the extension can also run POV-Ray to
> render the current scene file and display the resulting image right in VS Code.
> Thanks!

Yes, this is the better place to post about your work - though I did see 
and review your original. You've now put a link to your very cool github 
animation into the new post's text I see - that's to the good! Aside: 
Your use of github proves again too me there is also a lot about github 
I don't know. I've seen some really slick web pages / blogs on github.

For some years I've been in the market for a new linux editor. My day to 
day editor is long a self supported kludge of a thing with a growing 
list of minor issues. It's also lacking major features like language 
syntax highlighting - though I'm old enough and so long using Matrix 
green (from my 3277 terminal days) I'm not completely sure I'd adopt all 
the colors.

Your good work & now VSC itself is on my list to examine when I get to 
jumping to something new. On a list along with some gvim work Jerome 
posted a while back (I can get by already with vi) - and a few other 
common linux editors.

The current POV-Ray windows editor is a dated beast, but I know next to 
nothing about it, or, whether replacing the POV-Ray editor with 
something like an open source VSC a possibility. I see your demo - and 
your interest in active support for your work - and I think "maybe." 
But, it's certainly not my call.

Editor wise for me, it's the pain of jumping to something new day to day 
that's kept me stuck where I am. I'm always in the middle of a bunch of 
projects. I'll have to effectively pause other work then live with the 
slog back to full speed - or better. Today my editor use is nearly all 
muscle memory. My fingers move and stuff I need to happen, happens.

Anyway! I got long winded. I'm interested in your work and I plan to 
give it a try along with VSC itself for tcl, c, c++, etc. - at some point.

I did not catch mention of what version(s) of POV-Ray SDL you support 
out of the box. I assume v3.7?

Bill P.

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