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  Re: Bamboo  
From: Cousin Ricky
Date: 30 Mar 2019 17:23:42
On 2019-03-30 3:26 AM (-4), Thomas de Groot wrote:
> On 29-3-2019 19:05, Cousin Ricky wrote:
>> On 2019-03-27 4:02 AM (-4), Thomas de Groot wrote:
>>> On 27-3-2019 8:50, Thomas de Groot wrote:
>>>> Delving deep in my files, I may have found what you need. :-)
>>> Forgot to add this:
>>> #declare TdG_Reed_01 =
>>> [snip]
>> I was able to deduce that this texture came from file 
>> TdG_Textures.inc, and I was able to track down the file; but I haven't 
>> located the thread in p.s-f where you posted the file, and it refers 
>> to an image on your (erstwhile?) hard disk, <C:\VirtualReality\Data 
>> files\images\ImageMaps\Newspaper1.png>.  I cannot find this image.
> Well, the texture comes originally from that file. However, 
> TdG_Textures.inc is not a public file and - as far as I know - has never 
> been posted.

TdG_Textures.inc.txt shows up in its entirely when I do a site search. 
The URL suggests that it's attached to a post in 
povray.binaries.scene-files, although I cannot find that post.

> Newspaper1.png is just an image_map of a newspaper page 
> (Portuguese)...

I suppose it would be easy enough to construct a PNG of Lorem ipsum.

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