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  Re: Site for the unofficial 3.7 version  
From: clipka
Date: 10 Sep 2013 23:12:01
Am 10.09.2013 08:43, schrieb Mr:
> yvo### [at] cancel_This_gmxnet (Yvo Smellenbergh) wrote:
>> The web site for the unofficial version for POV-Ray 3.7 smp is located
>> at:
>> http://megapov.inetart.net/povrayunofficial_mac/index.html
>> Current version is  v 3.7 RC 7.
>> The site will be updated as soon as updates are available.
>> --
>> -----------------------------------
>> MegaPOV at:  http://megapov.inetart.net
>> MacMegaPOV at:  http://users.skynet.be/smellenbergh
>> E-mail: yvo(DOT)s(AT)gmx.net
> This looks nice, I am currently on Windows, but it's a very good thing for the
> POV community that Mac users can now also get such a nice package.


Yvo has been maintaining his unofficial mac port for quite a while 
already ;-)

You're right, anyway: Yvo does deserve thanks for his faithful work now 
and then. Thumbs up, Yvo!

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