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  Re: Layering detail textures  
From: ShadowMage3D
Date: 10 Oct 2012 03:45:32
Message: <5075279c$1@news.povray.org>
On 10/10/2012 01:21 AM, scott wrote:
>> The reason the elements are individually textured is that, though they
>> may use
>> the same texture, the orientation of that texture is important w/r/t the
>> individual object, and cannot be placed on the whole model.
> Depending on how complex your CSG is, it might be possible to make a
> copy of the whole CSG object (without textures) and make it marginally
> larger than the original. Then you can apply a mainly transparent
> texture with your decals applied.
> It's not an ideal solution though, I've come up against that before when
> making a wooden table where the top was made up of several different
> bits of wood. In my case it was easy to add an additional transparent
> object just above the surface, but in general it's not always that easy.
> Personally I think it's counter-intuitive that a "texture" statement at
> a higher level wouldn't act on *all* lower level objects (obviously
> making them redundant if totally opaque). If I apply a translate, rotate
> etc it acts on the whole thing, not only on sub-objects that haven't
> been translated/rotated already.
> If needed there should be a special flag to say "don't apply this
> texture to sub-objects that are already textured".

I actually don't mind the idea of a spray-paint macro - other than the 
shear number of objects involved - it seems as though it would provide 
an ideal way to apply certain textures, like stencilled lettering. 
Where a texture overlay might wrap around objects, the spray-paint 
method would not, it would only cover front surfaces.

I've been thinking that, if I limit the sprayer to a single color, and 
union all the particles to be textured as a set, it would be more efficient.

I also have ideas for allowing the use of a spline as a pattern, rather 
than an image, but I'd like to get it working for images first (black 
and white only, for now)

suggestions are welcome.


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