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  Re: IRTC to be revived  
From: Jim Charter
Date: 18 May 2008 18:27:16
Message: <4830ad44$1@news.povray.org>
David Buck wrote:
> Warp wrote:
>> Arne Kleinophorst <Sir### [at] spamdebitelnet> wrote:
>>> Couldn't we make a IRTC and a Gilles-IRTC? Just give him a price 
>>> every month and someone else also has a chance to win once in a 
>>> while? ;-)
>>   Isn't that what the second and third places were created for?
> I know that your answer was tongue in cheek, but it does bring up a 
> serious question.  Should one submitter be able to submit more than one 
> image for a round or should we limit it to only one?  If we allow every 
> artist several submissions per round, then the same artist could 
> conceivably win all the prizes.
> Thoughts?

To me it seems artificial to impose limits.  You want to get the best 
possible submissions each time.  I think that the anonymity feature will 
help though.

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