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  Re: Arbaro 0.9 released  
From: Wolfram Diestel
Date: 24 Jun 2004 16:03:48
tuabiht skribis:

> I tried it, and the results sound nice !  I could not get any texture to
> my tree and leaves though (except by putting it by hand in the arbaro
> output of course). Is there a way to get the texture from arbaro ?

No. At the moment Arbaro creates only the mesh objects for
the stems and leaves. You should create your own textures and
add them in the scene file to the tree parts.

I think in later versions it should be possible to map
a texture onto the triangles of the mesh, but at the moment
you have to use your own procedural textures. Trees made
with Arbaro looks best from some distance, while bitmap
textures would be interesting for close up views. So I
think lack of this feature isn't a real problem.

Wolfram Diestel <wol### [at] stelojdeFORIGU>

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