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  Re: Isosurface and function pattern in v3.5  
From: Dennis Milller
Date: 6 Sep 2001 11:33:47
Message: <3b97975b$1@news.povray.org>
Let me also add my sincere thanks for your work in this area. I have just
had a 9-minute animation presented at a major graphics conference in the US
that consisted entirely of morphing isosurfaces. The credit is all yours!
"R. Suzuki" <r-s### [at] aistgojp> wrote in message
> I've recently accessed this newsgroup after 2(?) year absence.
> And I surprised that the ver 3.5 beta has been released!
> I'm so glad that the isosurface and function pattern features are
> included in ver 3.5 and those were improved nicely from the isosurface
> patch.
> The documentation is great, too.  Thanks POV-team and patch supporters.
> I wrote the first isosurface code in PC-FORTRAN about 15 years ago.
> I could not imagine today's situation at that time.
> POV-Ray 3.5 would be useful not only for hobby, but also for scientific
> research, education, etc.  I want to write some know-hows on my web-page.
> (Well, I'm not sure I can get enough time to write them.)
> Ryoichi Suzuki
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
> My e-mail address was changed.  The new address is r-s### [at] aistgojp.

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