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  Isosurface and function pattern in v3.5  
From: R  Suzuki
Date: 6 Sep 2001 06:55:24
Message: <3b97561c@news.povray.org>
I've recently accessed this newsgroup after 2(?) year absence.
And I surprised that the ver 3.5 beta has been released!

I'm so glad that the isosurface and function pattern features are
included in ver 3.5 and those were improved nicely from the isosurface
The documentation is great, too.  Thanks POV-team and patch supporters.

I wrote the first isosurface code in PC-FORTRAN about 15 years ago.
I could not imagine today's situation at that time.

POV-Ray 3.5 would be useful not only for hobby, but also for scientific
research, education, etc.  I want to write some know-hows on my web-page.
(Well, I'm not sure I can get enough time to write them.)

Ryoichi Suzuki
My e-mail address was changed.  The new address is r-s### [at] aistgojp.

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