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  Re: Isosurface and function pattern in v3.5  
From: Gilles Tran
Date: 6 Sep 2001 07:55:23
Message: <3B9764AE.7AD797CE@inapg.inra.fr>
"R. Suzuki" wrote:

> I wrote the first isosurface code in PC-FORTRAN about 15 years ago.
> I could not imagine today's situation at that time.

I'd like to thank you personally for introducing isosurfaces in Povray. I
"discovered" your patch back in 1997 and was immediately hooked. It changed
the way I used Povray after that because they offered a creative flexibility
the standard version didn't have. Actually, the second version of my web site
in 1998 was completely designed around isosurfaces and most of my images have
used them since, first through your patch, then with the Superpatch, Megapov
and now Povray 3.5.

Gilles Tran


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