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  Competition idea  
From: Paul Bourke
Date: 27 Nov 2005 00:33:17
Message: <pdbNOSPAM-FD1D79.16331427112005@news.povray.org>
Further to my posting a week or so ago for competition ideas, how about
an animation (preferably with audio) that is suitable for a vodcast? A
vodcast is (generally) a 320x240 pixel animation at 25fps, basically a
match for the ipod-video. (ps: if you haven't seen/heard animation playing 
on the crystal clear ipod-video screen then I recommend you do so). I will
arrange a free podcast through the Apple iTunes Music Store, manage the RSS
feed, encode the movies appropriately etc. There would be a single channel 
with each entry an episode. If you want to have a look at how this works then
get iTunes (or one of the other free alternatives) and go to the Apple Music 
Store and search for "VisTunes", you will find my audio and video podcasts. 
Indeed the Mars, Lorenz, galaxy (6dF), and cosmology vodcasts were all 
rendered with PovRay. This PovRay podcast could even become a permanent 
and ongoing PovRay channel. Note that just because it is an the ITMS doesn't
mean the animations can't be downloaded from a web site and played with just 
the QuickTime player....they are just h264 encoded video with AAC encoded audio.

I imagine the competition being open in terms of subject matter, frame size
limited to 320x240, some limit on the duration (eg: 1 minute = 1500 frames).
Judges will choose the entries that appear as episodes, all entries might appear
on the PovRay server (?). Alternatively all entries might appear on the ITMS
and the public can vote (?). One tricky aspect might be ensuring only copyright
free audio is used, perhaps the competition rules can include a clause that
all audio is original.

Paul Bourke

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