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  Re: Why I won't enter PoVComp again.  
From: Warp
Date: 24 Feb 2005 23:48:03
St. <dot [at] dotcom> wrote:
>   Then I was right. So why entice 'other' povray users, ABX? Numbers maybe? 
> Sorry ABX, but I am pissed with this - and if anyone thinks it's "sour 
> grapes", you're SO wrong. I want to learn POV the way *I* want to learn it, 
> and use it. That's what it's there for. To use.

  I don't really understand what your POV-Ray learning preferences have
to do with povcomp.
  You are pissed off because the organizators were not looking primarily
for the kind of expertise you have practiced?

#macro M(A,N,D,L)plane{-z,-9pigment{mandel L*9translate N color_map{[0rgb x]
[1rgb 9]}scale<D,D*3D>*1e3}rotate y*A*8}#end M(-3<1.206434.28623>70,7)M(
-1<.7438.1795>1,20)M(1<.77595.13699>30,20)M(3<.75923.07145>80,99)// - Warp -

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