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  Why I won't enter PoVComp again.  
From: St 
Date: 24 Feb 2005 20:50:40
Hey, I *LOVE* PoVRay. Let's get that straight, first and foremost. I think 
most of you know that.

  BUT... but...

 After reviewing the judges comments on the winners excellent image, I know 
I won't ever have a chance. Ever. It should be called "POVONLYCOMP"!

   Here are some of the comments if you haven't seen them yet:

   "Highly commendable that it did not rely on any imports but that the 
author made use of POV-ray facitities exclusively"

  "A big plus for using extensively the primitives and features of POV-Ray 
(instead of resorting to cheap meshes created by third-party tools)"

"Cheap meshes"??!! Try it some time buddy. You'll find it hard to get what 
you want after 10+ days...! (This comment, I have great exception to).

  No disrespect to some of those commentors, but after five years+ using 
POV-Ray, I DO feel insulted. Especially when the PoVComp rules state that: 
"To be accepted in the competition an entry has to be rendered with 
POV-Ray", - being the number ONE (1) rule in 4. IMAGES -  For all PoV-Ray 
users... That's me, and 'some' of 'you' too.

  I did that, I used POV, but wouldn't have had a chance in hell of winning 
even if my image was better than anyone elses because I solely use Wings for 
my models now, (who wouldn't if they don't have the time to work out ALL the 
maths that's NEEDED to produce a 'PoV only' image!!)

  I can accept that, just, BUT, don't *tempt* me to use up my time when it's 
just not going to happen with <whatever> image I might try to submit.

 My dismal, failed, attempts, (two), at an image for the POVCOMP cost 'me' 
money and time for your (not very good, inconsiderate, and naive) gain.

  Say what you like, I know I'm right.

  Later, sometime.

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