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  Re: Commenting on entries  
From: Jim Charter
Date: 23 Feb 2005 17:12:58
Message: <421cffea@news.povray.org>
Gilles Tran wrote:

> To be fair, I'm not too happy with the comments (starting with mine). Some 
> people feel that they are too negative and indeed they are, which is both 
> unavoidable (only positive comments wouldn't make much sense) and not very 
> nice for the artists. A diplomatic touch is necessary when writing comments, 
> but after penning a few dozens of them the varnish wears off...

Part of the problem is that the comments can be read, one after another, 
all of a piece.  It is when read in that way that they can appear 
unremittingly negative.  For the individual artist, reading just the 
comments for his/her entry, it may not be so bad.  I think the artist 
really does want to know the negatives.  You may not agree, and it may 
make you angry, but you still want to know.  It is nicer to have it 
delivered with a spoonful of sugar though.

I thought the commentors did try to leave the safe ground of technical 
concerns from time to time, which was a relief, and there was often a 
good natured, coach-like tone.  Certainly these efforts started to flag 
but again, I find it entirely understandable.  I rarely make comments in 
the IRTC.  But I think it is fun and even necessary to write some 
"appreciation" from time to time.

> However, I'm all for starting threads here about the images, such as the one 
> you suggest.

My point is to keep it oblique and open ended and let the chips fall. 
Any attempt to be comprehensive will be deadly.

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