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  Re: Commenting on entries  
From: Slime
Date: 22 Feb 2005 16:00:32
Message: <421b9d70$1@news.povray.org>
> The IRTC has a way for just about anyone to post comments on a particular
> image (though perhaps they have to be registered).  I (and many others)
> generally found such comments to be helpful.  I think it would be nice to
> add that feature to the POVCOMP entries, but I have no idea how much
> that would be.

I've thought of the same thing. Even if there were no way to add it to the
website, it would be nice if we could set up some sort of way of commenting;
maybe through the POV-Ray wiki, or maybe even a big newsgroup thread with
one sub-thread per image. Of course, if it were on the website it would get
a lot more attention.

 - Slime
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