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From: Slime
Date: 3 Feb 2005 18:40:05
Message: <4202b655$1@news.povray.org>
> Good words.  But I think they are a bit ironic here since Steve was one
> of the most vocal proponents of that very viewpoint throughout the
> contest, and he was kind of an inspiration to me.  I'm not taking his
> post in a totally straighforward way.  I think he is still trying to
> come to grips with the "loss" of not fielding an entry, after he worked
> so hard and long, rising from the ashes twice if I've understood
> correctly.  He had to make a tough decision to self-edit based on what
> he felt, in the end, were serious technical flaws with his entry.  That
> takes a certain kind of toughness too.

I guess I didn't fully understand Steve's situation. In any case, my post
was also in response to many other posts I've seen on the newsgroups in the
last few days; I just figured this would be a good place to say it.

 - Slime
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