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From: Slime
Date: 3 Feb 2005 16:15:17
Message: <42029465@news.povray.org>
> > Just had a very quick look. This was well worth the wait. Lots of superb
> > images and many of them are *** really *** impressive.


>  Good job I didn't enter in the end then. I embarrass myself enough

It seems like a lot of people had this attitude about the competition. I
think it's sad. If you put months of hard work into something and get it
into a state that you feel is completed, then you should never be ashamed of
it, regardless of how it looks next to anything else. And more importantly,
everyone who is skilled at something was once unskilled at it. (Even Gilles
Tran's early work looks like everyone else's.) Holding back gets you
nowhere. Povcomp was an excellent opportunity for everyone to develop their
skills and I wish more people had taken advantage of it.

Being critical of one's own work is important, but only for the sake of

What I'm saying here doesn't apply just to povcomp, or even just to POV-Ray.
Never decide that you aren't capable of being as good as (or better than)
the best! Believing in your own potential is necessary to achieve it.

 - Slime
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