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  Re: Results  
From: Lance Birch
Date: 1 Feb 2005 23:57:14
Message: <42005daa@news.povray.org>
"Chris Holtorf" <lho### [at] nwlinkcom> wrote in message
> Any idea on when we will hear something regarding the next step in the contest
process ?

Hey Chris, I recall reading somewhere (I think on one of the sponsors'
websites - perhaps Appro's) that the plan was to announce the winners during
this year's LinuxWorld (which runs from the 14th to 17th of this month in
Boston).  However, this is just from my memory and should NOT be taken in any
way as being official - this is just what I recall having seen.  The official
word on what's going on will most probably come from Chris Cason during the next
two weeks, so keep an eye out for messages from him on here, and the news
section of the POVCOMP website.


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