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  Re: Withdrawing .. darn it  
From: Jim Charter
Date: 1 Feb 2005 09:32:50
Message: <41ff9312$1@news.povray.org>
John D. Gwinner wrote:
> Well, I just missed the deadline - when I started to type this, there were 
> 22 mins to go or so, but at line 440 out of 571 to go ... obviously, it's 
> not going to make it.
> Rats.  I'm sooo frustrated.
> Well, there were a few errors in the image anyway, my radiosity settings 
> interferred with my terrain and washed it out so the impact wouldn't have 
> been there.  Same terrain I've been using for 3 weeks, but I fiddled with 
> the texture in the last 3 days and apparently it didn't work with radiosity.
> I think I ran into a bug with fog 2 that's different than the known bug, 
> I'll try and duplicate it.  Probably I messed up the SDL.
> The worst, however, was two multiple crashes of MegaPOV on the scene at 
> about halfway through, this afternoon.  After attempting to continue with 
> POVRay, it worked, but scrambled the top half of the image, and I was scared 
> to mess with it.  After looking at it just now, it appears the file saved 
> was correct, so it must be a display bug with +C switching between MegaPOV 
> and POVRay.  I'll post the crash address if I can find it.  I was SO happy 
> yesterday as I went to sleep and started the final image ...  well, clearly 
> I should have started earlier.
> I had a few test runs that weren't too bad (not as much detail) but I hadn't 
> saved the detail zoom in so I would gather I can't post them anyway.  Next 
> time, I'll do complete dry run before the final image 'just in case'.  If 
> there is a next time ...
> oh yea, 4 mins to go and line 456 out of 571 ... there it goes, 00:01.  :(
>         == John == 

I commiserate.

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