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  Re: Withdrawing .. darn it  
From: Lance Birch
Date: 1 Feb 2005 03:38:06
Message: <41ff3fee@news.povray.org>
"John D. Gwinner" <joh### [at] cornelledu> wrote in message
> Well, I just missed the deadline - when I started to type this, there were
> 22 mins to go or so, but at line 440 out of 571 to go ... obviously, it's
> not going to make it.

Damn, that's a real shame John!  I was really hoping no one would run out of
time :/

Still, like Slime said, it's not a total loss - at least you have another
render under your belt.

I know how it feels though, to miss a deadline like that... :((


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