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  Re: Withdrawing .. darn it  
From: Slime
Date: 1 Feb 2005 03:26:08
Message: <41ff3d20$1@news.povray.org>
> Well, I just missed the deadline - when I started to type this, there were
> 22 mins to go or so, but at line 440 out of 571 to go ... obviously, it's
> not going to make it.

That sucks =(

But hey, finish the image, and show us the final product in
povray.binaries.images. It's not like it was a waste of time.

> After attempting to continue with
> POVRay, it worked, but scrambled the top half of the image, and I was
> to mess with it.  After looking at it just now, it appears the file saved
> was correct, so it must be a display bug with +C switching between MegaPOV
> and POVRay.

I've seen that without using MegaPOV. In fact, I see it every time I use +C.
File outputs alright so I don't really mind it.

 - Slime
 [ http://www.slimeland.com/ ]

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