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  Re: How important...  
From: Jim Charter
Date: 30 Jan 2005 18:37:43
Message: <41fd6fc7$1@news.povray.org>
St. wrote:

>    Well I'm happy with mine for the main image, but this 'detail' thing 
> sure knocked the wind out of me... I *WISH* someone would have said 
> something beforehand...

I sympathize because I had that happen to me when I got involved with 
Gena's Capriccio project.  I went in thinking in terms of the usual 
resolutions I am used to.  I looked at the source photo and thought, 
"well, I'm very inexperienced with mesh modelling but I think I could 
pull off something believeable for the figures, and I think I am one of 
the few people modelling organically in mesh right now, so maybe I'll 
offer my try"  But then someone started talking poster, and so the 
resolution was boosted to poster resolutions and I was immediately in 
over my head. Having to produce figures in full detail had never been my 
intention. And the inexperience was not not just with the level of 
detail in the modelling but with just knowing how to handle workflow and 
rendering huge images and scrolling around etc.  Basically after I lot 
of desperate effort I had to just throw in the towel.  It was a gruesome 
experience and I was not enthusiastic about working at these large 
resolutions again anytime soon.  So I got involved this time with some 
idea of what would be involved.  But I don't think resolution is a 
trivial issue.  I think an imaged is concieved of at a certain 
resolution.  Whether or not to includethe gun ports on your ship in a 
storm and all that.

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