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  Re: How important...  
From: Jeremy M  Praay
Date: 30 Jan 2005 10:24:07
Message: <41fcfc17$1@news.povray.org>
"St." <dot### [at] dotcom> wrote in message news:41fb7c50@news.povray.org...
> How important are the detail images when it comes to judging? What if 
> minor things have been missed in one detail image? (And I mean so minor, 
> that you just can't see them in your main image).

Not an answer, since it looks like others have answered quite well...  More 
of a slight ramble...

In many cases, things look best in the detail views and not in the main 
image.  I'm currently rendering "the poster" at 4800x3600 and I'm quite 
pleased with the way many details look in high-rez.  While I hold out a hope 
of winning, I'm planning to buy my own poster regardless, so this will not 
be a wasted effort for me.

I'm quite certain that I've lost nearly all objectivity regarding my image. 
As I've said before, some days I think it's the best thing ever created, and 
other days it looks very mediocre to me.  On the bright-side, it looks quite 
similar to what I thought it would look like (in my head), so I really can't 
complain too much.  Even if it's the best image I have ever created, I'm 
sure that guarantees nothing in this competition.

Anyway, I'm anxious to get started on new projects and to resume old ones. 
It's been a long road.  I feel like I should propose a toast.  ;-)


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