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  Re: Copyright image  
From: Lance Birch
Date: 21 Jan 2005 02:36:41
Message: <41f0b109@news.povray.org>
"Slime" <fak### [at] emailaddress> wrote in message
> Thanks. I think I'll include the simple copyright message and a link to my
> website.
> Another question: since I'm supplying a PNG copyright to be overlaid on
> of my image, I assume someone will be recompressing it. Because of this,
> should I favor high quality compression over low file size in my
> Normally I'd sacrifice a little quality to bring the file size down, but
> would it be wise of me to avoid doing that?

I would imagine it would be best to provide the highest image quality
possible within the 5 MB file size restriction.  That's what I'd do anyway

> And out of curiosity, are lower-resolution, higher-compression versions of
> each image going to be made available for the benefit of those with small
> monitors or slow internet connections?

At a guess, I think once the juding process is finished and the images are
made publicly available, they will be available at one or two different
sizes.  I suppose whether they recompress them, provide alternative links to
the original full file size versions, etc, will depend on what the images
are like (e.g. whether someone submits an absolutely huge image).  It says
in the rules "The organisers may, at their option, resize and/or recompress
your image if need be. This includes but is not limited to making thumbnail
or preview images of it.", so it seems likely that there will be some
recompression/rescaling happening at some point, so there could be multiple
versions of differing sizes for the purposes of browsing the submissions

These are, of course, just my personal opinions :)


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