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  Re: Who unsubmitted?  
From: Jeremy M  Praay
Date: 13 Nov 2004 19:53:30
Message: <4196ac8a$1@news.povray.org>
"Slime" <fak### [at] emailaddress> wrote in message 
>> " Even just from seeing the one image that has been revealed (I don't
> remember the author...I
>>   believe the name of the image was "Girl With An Earring" or something
> along that line), I can
>>   tell you that my entry is completely different, technically and
> thematically."
>>    I agree with Mike. My image also has a totally different theme to the
> one he mentioned as well.
>> Do many of the other CG contests run with a wide open theme ?
> It may be difficult for the judges, but it will also be best for POV-Ray
> this way; the contest results will appeal to more people with different
> interests, and that will cause more people to check out the program.

Yes.  Personally, I hope there are other POVers out there who have done 
things very unlike my image.  POV-Ray is so versatile and good for so 
producing so many varied results, that I think it will be great to see a 
huge variety of "what can be done".  As I've jokingly said before, trying to 
fit every really-cool POV-Ray feature into one image would be great, but 
realistically, it couldn't be done.  However, having many images each 
presenting certain features seems like a great idea.  But I can see how it 
will be difficult for the judges.  But hey, not my problem... ;-)


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