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  Re: Who unsubmitted?  
From: Mike Thorn
Date: 13 Nov 2004 11:37:20
Message: <41963840@news.povray.org>
Chris Holtorf wrote:
 >    I agree with Mike. My image also has a totally different theme to 
the one he mentioned as well.
 > Do many of the other CG contests run with a wide open theme ?
 >    I also posted a version of my own image to p.b.i. and got some 
great feedback - and
 > probably another hundrerd hours or so of modeling, texture and trial 
 > Isn't this fun :)

I'm convinced. As soon as it finishes rendering (I'm never going to use 
focal blur again!) I'll post it up for feedback. I'm not exactly sure 
why they'd want to HELP me, since it's just better competition, but I 
won't argue. :)


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