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  Re: Competition status  
From: Gilles Tran
Date: 23 Oct 2004 16:53:36
Message: <417ac4d0@news.povray.org>


> While it is contrary to the way normal competitions are run, I wonder if 
> it
> might not help keep everyone motivated if the images submitted to the
> competition were visible immediately on submission and that any image 
> could
> be replaced with an improved version some number of times prior to the
> deadline. I am thinking of  a running competition where entries evolve to 
> a
> high level.

Some 3D competitions run like this, and allow people to show their entries 
beforehand. People can comment on the WIPs too. In retrospect, I'm starting 
to think that this would have been a better way (though there may be some 
issues with this too). I am personally in favour to show the current images 
at this stage, but it's not a simple decision as the original rules clearly 
said that the judging was "blind".  This may or may not change and no 
decision has been taken.

> An analogy. We are all choosing to run marathons when we take on a image. 
> It
> is hard to keep running hard in a competitive race when you have no idea
> where you stand - especially once life gets in the way a few times.

Well, I'm not completely buying this. In 3D, the competition is all around 
us, in the movies, in the advertising, in the galleries of every 3D software 
out there... I really don't think people should strive to be better than the 
other POV-Ray user. In any case, I never did that when I competed in the 
IRTC. My goal was always to emulate the best possible stuff I had seen, and 
for this there were enough available material from the last 25000 years of 
painting... In any case, I will (possibly) prepare a short text addressing 
some of the most obvious shortcomings I've seen in POV-Ray images (POVCOMP 
or elsewhere).


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