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  Re: Competition status  
From: Phlip
Date: 23 Oct 2004 16:01:30
Message: <417ab89a@news.povray.org>
rben wrote:

> First and foremost, your requirement that we submit images
> without a copyright notice makes me acutely uncomfortable.  Though I don't
> ascribe any such motive to you, such a requirement makes it easy to just
> take our images and use them without even acknowledging the artist.  At
> very least, we should be given an explanation as to why you don't want a
> copyright notice on the image.

To preserve anonymity, so judges wouldn't recognize artists.

Note that all art is copy-wrought as it is created. "No copyright notice" is
not the same as "no copyright".

The (c) notice is just a tactic.


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