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  Re: Competition submission  
From: Jeremy M  Praay
Date: 30 Sep 2004 17:48:29
"jute" <jus### [at] ikifi> wrote in message 
> Thanks!  Next time you guys organize something like this, you MUST figure 
> out a way to avoid disqualifying yourselves! :D

Yeah, or at least force them to submit an impressive image, even if it's 
ineligible.  Like, "Had Gilles been eligible, this would have been his 
image."  ;-)

I'm pretty happy with my entry.  I'm trying to finish it up now, and I'll be 
leaving about 11 days for the final render +details, just in case something 
goes wrong.  I think it's my best scene yet, but I'm biased, and "my best" 
may not come close.  I know what others can do, and I know enough to know 
that they know a lot more than I know, so I work with what I now know.  Ya 

But seriously, I created something that I'm proud of, so whether I place in 
the competition or not, I'll be making a poster for my own enjoyment.  :-)

Good luck to you as well!


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