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From: Tim
Subject: Meadow Foxtail macro
Date: 6 Apr 2006 16:15:01
Message: <web.44353d356dda74c639c1f1d20@news.povray.org>
I posted an image this morning to the gallery showing a render of some
meadow foxtails.  It's nothing special but I wanted some feedback as I've
only been using povray since 26th March and never done computer art
previouslu.  I was asked for the macro so I'm posting it here for all to
use.  However, as I didn't expect anyone to ask for it there are no
instructions.  Hmmm, well the interfaces that clients really need to be
concerned with are:
    #macro MakeMeadowFoxtail( i_rnd_seed )
        - Makes one plant standing erect at <x=0, z=0>
    #macro MakeMeadowFoxtailPatch( i_rnd_seed, i_width, i_depth,
        i_num_meadow_foxtails )
        - Makes i_num_meadow_foxtail plants standing at random angles
(within a
          reasonable range) at random positions within the given area ---
          centered at <x=0, z=0>

In both cases the base of the stem will stand on y=0.

One unit = one cm so you will probably need to scale the results down.

The code is heavily documented.

If you want to render alot of these, create say twenty to fifty and randomly
place the results.

Oh and if it's not obvious already, each call to MakeMeadowFoxtail returns a
plant that has a certain amount of randomness.

I've included a small pov file (my first scene :-| ) to demonstrate it's
use.  If you need any help or have comments about it I'd love to hear.  In
fact I'd love to hear about any use anyone can make of this!

Try and enjoy  :D

Tim (hoping that all makes sense)

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