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From: triple r
Subject: wings3d -> mesh2
Date: 11 Jun 2005 06:00:06
Message: <web.42aa7d0bb59272ff21d72dad0@news.povray.org>
AS-IS:  As referenced in povray.tools.general.  It works for me on MacOS
10.4.1, but I make no guarantees for you.  I just type:

g++ uv2.c -o uv2
../uv2 filename.obj

in the terminal, and it works like a charm.  Note that it only works for one
object per .obj file, only tested from Wings3D.  To change parameters, you
have to recompile and such so it's far from ideal, but it gets the job done
for me.  I used this for the face in p.b.i. with no problems.  It also has
to be triangulated within Wings3D and doesn't do any kind of smoothing or
subdivision.  Like I said, it gets the job done.  Mutilate it and shape it
to your needs as you see fit, or just disregard it and find another way.
Whatever works for you.  It will save two files:  Based on the object name
within wings, it will output something like cube3.inc (which will change)
and uvs.ppm (which will not).  The ppm file is just ascii so you might have
some trouble opening it, but something like graphic converter will do the
trick.  Just enclose the mesh2 file with something like

   #include "cube3.inc"
   texture{pigment{checker rgb 1, rgb 0} scale 0.1}

 - Ricky

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