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From: Bert
Subject: png to avi
Date: 10 Mar 2005 11:20:00
Message: <web.42302cb4bb0c8108693a417a0@news.povray.org>
A utililty to convert from different formats to .avi

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From: zeroin23
Subject: Re: png to avi
Date: 5 Sep 2007 19:40:01
Message: <web.46df05222406a776b0f5bef80@news.povray.org>
"Bert" <nomail@nomail> wrote:
> http://www.fmrib.ox.ac.uk/~yongyue/imgcon.html
> A utililty to convert from different formats to .avi

Cool I started with imgcon. Thanks thanks.
I have managed to try out 2 process the moment.

Process One
dir /b myrender*.png>>filelst.txt
imgcon -avi -list filelst.txt
this results in a uncompressed video which is terrible, as a collection of
57MB png can become a 400MB video.

I have XviD-1.1.2-01112006.exe codec installed.
I used VirtualDub-1.6.17 with
//full processing mode
//haha look at GetCompression, all descriptions are there.
//void SetCompression(string fccHandler, int keyrate, int quality, int
//24-bit 888 RGB
vdub /i encode.script in.avi out.avi
The final result is a compressed video of about 4MB.
refer to VirtualDub scripting language reference, v0.7

Process Two
I have XviD-1.1.2-01112006.exe codec installed.
Download Mplayer 1.0rc1-3.4.2
mplayermencoder "mf://*.png" -mf fps=15:type=png -sws 6 -o
mplayer_output_q=7.avi -ovc xvid -xvidencopts fixed_quant=7
14.4. Encoding with the Xvid  codec

mplayer man_page.html
xvidenc (&#8722;xvidencopts)

One Interesting point to note and not be deceived:
avi>properties>summary>video sample size>>vdub:24bit mplayer:12bit

"But in all cases it's the codec that determines the actual color depth, not
the program you use to encode."--Acaila

"Like I said the 12bit and 24bit ones are exactly the same internally. Full
processing means 24bit input, hence it reports 24bit. Fast recompress means
12bit YV12 input so it reports 12bit. Both files are interally YV12, same as
any other MPEG4 file."--celtic_druid

"That's a placebo effect right there. @mevering and Ramen, All MPEG-4
codecs, including DivX and Xvid, use YV12 colorspace and thus 12 bit color.
When explorer shows these as 24 bit it is a mistake. Please use the search
this has been covered quite a bit."--KpeX

Visually both process one and two seems to be the same for me. The main
penalty is that imgcon generations will take up more hdd space, bigger file
implies more io read by Vdub. Performance wise both are rather fast in
encoding for me on the dual core 6400.

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