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From: anidon
Subject: lin2log converters
Date: 19 Dec 2003 18:10:07
Message: <web.3fe33d9cf0d953bda9e850180@news.povray.org>

Thanks for those thought-provoking suggestions..now I've discovered that
there is indeed interest I'll increase the challenge.

It's not just one image I need to convert - it's a series of images of the
scene representing animation of the content.  The number of images in the
series is arbitrary but no more than 256, and they are numbered in the
POVRAY scheme of things.

So, clicking on the lin2log.exe in the containing folder presents a GUI
window inviting the number of files and their name, the *.exe reads them,
converts them to say a single colour bmp format, and renames them with the
a new name but the old counter. In my dreams!

I've written previously a POVRAY utility, which reads name***.tga files and
displays them as a 3D height field, pigmented gradient y.

I suppose it's more sensible to use 65535 as the base of the logarithm so
all numbers range from 0 to 1.

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