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From: Theo Gottwald ***
Subject: DXF-to-POV GNU-Project
Date: 19 Jun 2004 16:19:59
Message: <40d467af@news.povray.org>
Programmers or People who are intrested in beta-testing wanted.

I got the following mail from Riccardo, he has some quite intresting 

in his pocket, both not yet 100% ready for use, so he would give them to the 
community if there is someone intrested in supporting the project.


Here follows the Mail:



currently my DXF to povray converter is in the following status:

I wrote it almost 2 years ago, in plain C, console only, pure ANSI. it 
compiles on many places including macintosh.

It works with povray 3.1 which is what I still use(d) mostly. I don't know 
if there were significative syntax changes but in any case the problem is 
not there, read below.

DXF is a very variably "interpreted" format, so supporting all variations is 
complicated. Also non-triangles could be used. I do not support all of 

I try to take the triangles and turn them into a triangle {} statement.

Since DXF groups objects by color I try to sort them and make a union {} for 
them and put everything in a .inc file

this seems to work.

A further step is (on user request) smooth the triangles into 
smooth_triangles {} . This is a bit more tricky: it requires sorting all the 
triangles by the vertices and calculate the normals of each face . I have 
code for that that _almost_ works. It will calculate some normals wrongly. I 
attach a file as an example.

I think that smoothing is important and useful...

After this a long time passed and about one year ago or less I wanted to 
turn the funcitons into objects and make an obj-c program with a GUI in 
openstep like format.

... (shortened by me)

If there is interest, I could open a sourceforge or savannah or other 
similar place. Origianlly I thought about making it non-crippled shareware. 
That means, it works as it is and if you want, donate something? But since I 
never released it there is no license. So coders, rise your hand :) I think 
something free/almost free could be very useful. It could also be a starting 
point for a blender PoVray export plugin or so.




Intrested people please contact:  rol### [at] tiscalinetit


Distributed Network-Rendering or Local SMP-Rendering. With SMPOV and
POV-Ray 3.6. * Download free at: http://www.it-berater.org/smpov.htm

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From: Shurakai
Subject: Re: DXF-to-POV GNU-Project
Date: 4 Oct 2004 09:35:00
Message: <web.41611940bcf572e16b3522e90@news.povray.org>
"Theo Gottwald ***" <yne### [at] it-beraterorg> wrote:
> Programmers or People who are intrested in beta-testing wanted.
Lets hope, the project will come to a happy end. The community is waiting
for such a converter.


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