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From: sascha
Subject: starfield background generator
Date: 28 Jul 2003 14:04:14
Message: <3f252d5e@news.povray.org>
This is a litte tool I wrote some time ago - I now added a short 
documentation and packed it into a zip-file.

It can be used to render an animated starfield background (antialiased 
and motion blurred!). The first version was pure
POV SDL, but it was far too slow (parsing time was more than one minute 
per frame to compute all the star positions) so
I decided to implement it as an external program that will be called 
using POV's shell-out feature.
(If anyone's interested in the pure POV-SDL version let me know - it has 
the same features but is much slower)

There's a html documentation in the zip, and you'll need a Java JRE 1.4 
or later installed ( available at http://java.sun.com )
A "screenshot" is attached, a demo animation is here:


I plan to add real star-positions taken from a star-catalouge some day...


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