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From: Wolfgang Wieser
Subject: Announce: RendView-0.6.9
Date: 17 Jul 2003 10:00:01
Message: <3f16739f@news.povray.org>
RendView is a utility to have films rendered using POVRay 
and post-processed in a local distributed UNIX/Linux environment. Features 
include rendering/filtering a sequence of frames (f000.pov,f001.pov...) 
or a list of scene files and POVRay clock values, tuning on per-frame 
basis, and resuming partly-rendered images, all either completely 
locally or distributed in a local IP network. 

RendView has been used by me to render films on a 20-node dual processor 
Linux pool and it rocked. However, due to lack of time, I did not do 
very much testing with version 0.6.9 -- everything should work but 
e-mail me in case of trouble. 

New features: (0.6.7 -> 0.6.9)
  - Checking mtime of additional files
  - LDR passwords from file
  - automatic compensation of different system times on client and server
  - use of a simple fit strategy for how to assign frames to clients 
    when only a few frames are left
  - and support for use of a shared directory (NFS) between clients and 
    server (normally RendView transferres files between client and server 
    using a TCP connection)
Check the homepage for more information about the latter two points. 

Bugfixes: Check out the homepage



Have fun...

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