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From: Dave Blandston
Subject: Bordered Characters version 1.8a
Date: 12 Nov 2018 23:00:02
Message: <web.5bea4bb194d53ed979416a1f0@news.povray.org>
Greetings Friends,

This isn't really a new version - it just has a couple new Font Variations and
some documentation improvements. The instructions have been combined into one
new file called "BorderChars_Instructions.pov" instead of spread out among the
..inc files. This provides an identifiable starting place (which was woefully
missing). Also, the "Demo_BasicScene.pov" file has been renamed
"Demo_QuickStart.pov" and has been updated with better documentation. I hope the
documentation changes will make it easier to learn to use the bordered

Reasonably high quality pre-rendered demonstration images (.jpg format) are
included in this .zip file for the first time. This saves the trouble of having
to download each one individually from the povray.binaries.images area. I hope
this doesn't get me in trouble with the moderators. Moderators, I will be happy
to upload an imageless .zip file and post the images in the
povray.binaries.images area instead if you prefer.

Dave Blandston

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