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From: And
Subject: sky render package
Date: 8 Apr 2016 15:55:01
Message: <web.5707d40c6218fcf9af5560460@news.povray.org>
There are four file in it. must add CIE.inc additional.
If only use, open the 'sky_render enviroment.pov' then render. The povray.ini
can modify the image size. After rendering it will produce 36 open_exr images
and two .txt file. Use Ive's spectral composer to merge these images.

The .txt file has the information about the condition you set in the pov file
and the information of the sun. Just enjoy.

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Download 'sky spectral_render.zip' (8 KB)

From: And
Subject: Re: sky render package
Date: 8 Apr 2016 16:00:00
Message: <web.5707d4c68562e05aaf5560460@news.povray.org>
I release it under the GPL.
Here's the image:

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