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From: [GDS|Entropy]
Subject: Media Glow Sources, Raw, Unrefined
Date: 2 Mar 2014 04:20:02
Message: <web.5312af79779a5efaddb0c31e0@news.povray.org>
Hi everyone,

I am uploading this file in case I die, or my machines and servers and NAS's are

These are not in final release state. They are full of dupes and sub-optimal

The renders are not included because they cause my upload to exceed the max size

I have been increasing the radius of the container spheres for the "primary
halo" and "corefuzz" segments until there are no sharp transitions between the
glow and the radius * 50 surrounding halo.

The "surrounding halo" components are glowScale * 50, which need little
modification in the vast majority of cases, but smooth transitions are possible
through scaling the container objects to 6-20 times the glow radius.

I provide this intermediary step for others to build upon, and improve upon
until my final release.

Please share if you improve on these tactics;
Here is my mail address:
gds hyphen entropy at hotmail dot com

Send improvements there and post here as well. The final step will be to
consolidate strategies across glow types to limit the amount of code total, and
that which is repeated across such types.


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