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From: [GDS|Entropy]
Subject: SnowIce Implementation of Surface Coating Macro; Alpha 1 for Pov 3.7
Date: 28 Dec 2010 05:21:01
Message: <op.voerswaj0819q0@gdsentropy.nc.rr.com>
This is a sanity check release, and I appreciate any optimizations anyone  
may discover. It should be usable though.

Two simple test scenes are included with output .pngs.
These do not even begin to cover all options and capabilities of this  
macro; they exist only as usage examples.

Some hints:
1) You can snow/ice any object of any shape (from what I have tried so  
far, this is true). So you can snow everywhere but a pathway for instance,  
but objects need large values for ctr.
2) Intersecting objects which will be snowed on should probably be merged.  
Objects which intersect (not just touch) should not have separate snow  
calls, as unexpected things might happen.
3) You can cascade icicles down from one object to another; they will blob  

A warning:
1) Complex scenes/objects may hit the 1,000,000 blob limit (if you union  
the whole scene and apply the macro). I am sorry, but there is nothing I  
can do about that at this time. One work around for this is to snow  
separately on objects which will not have icicles/snow which touches  
directly, instead of on the whole scene.

Known bugs:
1) Occasional errant blobs in the center of voids.
2) See artifact on SnowIce_0.png. It is suspiciously right angled. Ideas?
3) There are probably silly ways of doing things in there that I have  
looked over or just plain forgotten. Please bring these to my attention.
4) When you snow on a scene including a base object (plane in  
SnowIce_0.pov) with icicles on, there are probably icicles underneath it.  
I need to implement some sort of exclusion.

Future inclusions:
1) Working on making the air bubbles function properly
2) Working on method to reduce required ctr value; when vector which lies  
outside object is found, modify and retry until valid
3) Icicle branching
4) Wide variety of realistic Icicle shape formation methods.

I am continuing development on this, much of what exists now is not  
included in this release due to various reasons (hack implementations,  
bugginess, dubious overall value, etc..).

I am dying for someone to make some cool frozen waterfall/river with this!

Ian McDonald
Lean Agile .NET 4.0/MVC
Senior Application Architect,
Developer and Security Analyst

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