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From: Stephen
Subject: Flowers for clipka
Date: 23 May 2018 15:51:53
Message: <5b05c659@news.povray.org>
Attached is a scene with an image to use as a hightfield. Mentioned in 
the thread “Restructured Parser wants Testing” in povray.beta-test.
To spare my embarrassment it is a proof of concept and I’ve done little 
to make it look pretty.
The code for the heightfield still has my original path. So that will 
need to be changed.
There is also a closing “}” that I had to comment out and don’t 
understand why.
There is a workaround for exporting the trace code from Bishop3D that 
comments out an object called “Dummy0”.
The variable “Density” controls the density of the grass blades (and 
flowers on the ground).

I would be more than pleased if anyone can improve the logic of planting 
the grass and flowers.

Credits and blame. ;)
The B3D workaround was devised by StephenS.
The ground texture was donated to the Moray community by Thomas DeG.
The sphere_sweep was made by using jr’s  hilbert2d utility.
That’s it. There is no one else I can blame. :)



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