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  Granite_21 - the final macro  
From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 5 Sep 2021 07:41:33
Message: <6134aced@news.povray.org>
The final version of Granite_21 is here.

The attached zip file contains everything you need. Particular attention 
has been paid to the documentation and two versions are offered: a PDF 
version and a HTML version. They are identical except for some layout 
constraints and you can use whichever you prefer.

To get acquainted, start with the Granite_21_demo.pov scene file. This 
is a simple scene which demonstrates the straightforward use of the 
macro and its different parameters, applied to a couple of simple objects.

One way or another, the whole POV-Ray community has contributed to the 
initiation and building of this macro. Two people need special thanks: 
Bald Eagle, who on a regular basis asked relevant questions and 
contributed significant solutions. He was instrumental too in the 
writing of the documentation which is why he co-authors this document. 
The second person is jr. He guided me through the css and html arcane 
knowledge during the building of the web pages.

The macro is intended for POV-Ray version 3.8 and higher. In its present 
form, the macro cannot be used by earlier versions. The choice for this 
has been a difficult one but was finally made because of very necessary 
and useful array structures which are only provided starting with 
version 3.8. It is not always possible nor, maybe, advisable, to stick 
to backward compatibility at all cost.

One thing is still missing though: a comprehensive HowTo for building 
your own granites materials. I need more time to work on this and 
include a number of ideas I still have on the back-burner.

Because I am already thinking about Granites_22.

In the coming months I shall probably be less present in these ng's 
(Real Life) but I shall try to answer all questions and try to solve 
issues where necessary.

I sincerely hope that Granite_21 answers all your expectations.


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Download 'granite_21.zip' (4181 KB)

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