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  Re: faked translucency mapping  
From: Thomas de Groot
Date: 30 May 2020 02:29:12
Message: <5ed1fd38$1@news.povray.org>
Op 29/05/2020 om 23:23 schreef Norbert Kern:
> Thomas de Groot <tho### [at] degrootorg> wrote:
>> Op 24/04/2020 om 21:06 schreef Norbert Kern:
>>> Povray doesn't support translucency mapping :-(
>> OK. So I studied your code which - as always - is brilliant for its
>> simple and smart solution. I wonder how you came to think of this?
>> One question: leaf_tl was generated by you, I suppose. I can see a
>> number of ways to do this, in particular by combining leaf_b and leaf_c
>> (The inversed twig of leaf_a is added of course) in a smart way in GIMP
>> for instance, or by simply tonemapping in GIMP.
>> In any case, there is some work to do next time I need a tree! :-)
>> Thanks for sharing! Keep corona-free!
>> --
>> Thomas
> Hi Thomas,
> here it was the "easy way" to get a fitting tl_map - photoshop...
> Of course I tried other ways to "automate" it, but The real cause of not further
> investigating it further was - it was slow.
> In the end I used a partial render of the big oak at the middle left, because
> render speed was only a fifth.
> The real use of the fake is for more intimate scenes with single usage - at
> least until we get a real implementation of translucency maps and all the other
> types of texture maps swirling around DAZ studio - roughness, normal, ao-maps
> and so on...
> ......
> Personally I don't fear corona anymore, because my family had an obsure severe
> illness back in march/april - and I never was a hypochondriac. I'll invest in
> antibody tests, when they are available at a reasonable price.
> Norbert
> and Keep corona-free!

Thanks for your info. After I posted my message I thought of all kind of 
problems possibly linked to the trick. Indeed, I agree that we /really/ 
need a translucency map full implementation. Still, it is neat.

I am living in an area of the country with relatively few corona cases. 
We are careful, but not really worried though I shall hail the day when 
those plastic screens disappear from the shops.


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