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From: William F Pokorny
Subject: Updated yuqk tarballs for Unix/Linux. ec0430bd
Date: 1 Apr 2024 13:58:01
Message: <660af5a9@news.povray.org>
Please see the attached tarballs, previous announcements in this forum 
and INSTALL.txt for suggestions on compiling and running via wrapper script.

A reminder the yuqk fork is not POV-Ray. As time passes, it's less 
likely existing POV-Ray scenes will work without modification.

Bill P.


---------------- povray-3.8.0-x.yuqk_ec0430bd.tar.gz  April 01, 2024
yuqk R13 v0.6.7.0

Updated +-mi flag / max_image_buffer_memory ini option to allow zero 
argument.  An intuitive way to turn the buffering off to save memory.

Added antialias_gamma=1.0 (+ag1) and antialias_threshold=0 fast path 
code to sampling method 3. The fast paths already existed in methods 1 
and 2. (The color channel gamma corrections ahead of the threshold test 
are relatively expensive)

Fixed a divide by zero bug in AA sampling method 3 where we end up with 
a single pixel within a thread rendering block.

The reporting of pixels and samples per pixel made substantially cleaner 
for Anti-Aliasing methods 1 and 2.

The upper limit for Anti-Aliasing threshold increased to 1e35 from 1.0. 
Though the upper limit long at 1.0 (or a step under), the difference for 
methods 1 & 2 always could be as much as four even where rgbt channel 
values all with a 0-1 range. Folks often exceed the 0-1 range - 
especially today with HDR environments / real light intensity renders.

The extended command line flag checking now returns errors in a way more 
aligned with existing command line checking, rather than throwing an 

Correcting typo in the ini name for the new Anti-Aliasing Min Depth 
option, 'Antialias_Min_Depth'. Also renaming the +-rm flag form of the 
command to +-rd.  I was reminded - the hard way - that 'rm' is a 
dangerous command in any Linux / Unix environment...

Added a +-ini<filename> command line flag as a pairing to the long 
implemented but, never documented include_ini=<filename> ini file option.

Changed the create_continue_trace_log=on|off / +-cc default to off.

Changed verbose output (verbose=on|off, +v, -v) default to false.

Implemented additional command line flag checking for previously missed 
specification errors.

A minor bug fix for +ec / enc_column and +er / end_row options when the 
starting values defaulted.

Removed small, bounding adder around font glyphs as used in the text{} 
object.  The change dates back to yuqk release R8, v0.6.2.0. It was 
causing problems where constructed scene elements depended upon the 
returned min_extent(), max_extent() vectors of passed text{} objects or 
IDs (per jr). The adder fixed clipping issues in very rare cases; user 
can always manually bound those, if need be.

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Download 'povray-3.8.0-x.yuqk_ec0430bd.tar.gz' (1674 KB) Download 'yuqk_docandaid_ec0430bd.tar.gz' (595 KB) Download 'yuqk_examples_ec0430bd.tar.gz' (461 KB)

From: jr
Subject: Re: Updated yuqk tarballs for Unix/Linux. ec0430bd
Date: 2 Apr 2024 13:10:00
Message: <web.660c3b34a01057ea1686e436cde94f1@news.povray.org>

William F Pokorny <ano### [at] anonymousorg> wrote:
> Please see the attached ...

thanks.  install + simple test went ok.


attached a simple build script, to add to your collection :-); the prefix
directory and ownership etc need adjusting.  hth.

regards, jr.

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Download 'yuqk.debianbuild.txt' (1 KB)

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