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From: William F Pokorny
Subject: Updated povr tarballs for Unix/Linux. 1755021c
Date: 7 Oct 2023 17:46:00
Message: <6521d198@news.povray.org>
Please see the attached tarballs and previous announcements in this fora 
and INSTALL.txt for suggestions on compiling and running via wrapper script.

A reminder the povr fork is not POV-Ray. As time passes, it's less 
likely existing POV-Ray scenes will work without modification.

Bill P.


---------------- povr-3.8.0-x.povr_1755021c.tar.gz  October 07, 2023
povr R9 v0.6.3.0

Fixed years standing bug in the newer POV-Ray parser used by the povr 
fork. A bug triggered when the total number of tokens parsed matched an 
internal default value at the point where Parser::Parse_RValue(...) was 
called. Aside from a few hard parser fails, it made for flaky parser and 
render behavior which would were rare but would ghost in and out of 
existence base on nearly any change in Scene Description Language (SDL) 

Adding a blend_mode 4 option which applies the active gamma adjustment 
to the two weights rather than the color channel values. It allows more 
control over the graying which happens around the mid point of 
traditional interpolations.

The ancient, two index, two color format from v1.0 of POV-Ray is now a 
parse error. Too many potential, confusing pitfalls.

Added a set of bit wise operator functions in: f_64x_ui1_and(), 
f_64x_ui1_or(), f_64x_ui1_xor(), f_64x_ui1_not(), f_64x_ui1_shr(), 
f_64x_ui1_shl(), f_64x_ui1_toflt(), f_64x_ui1_fltto() and 

Added encoding into double space and decoding from double space 
functions: f_dec64x_ui1(), f_enc64x_ui1(), f_dec32x_ui2(), 
f_enc32x_ui2(), f_dec16x_ui4(), f_enc16x_ui4(), f_dec4x_ui16(), 
f_enc4x_ui16(), f_dec8x_ui8() and f_enc8x_ui8(). Think, tiny arrays in 
the space of a double which can be passed around in the parser and used 
with functions.

Added f_path() which supports two to 13 vertex specifications along with 
explicit point to point connections, sizing and tapering capability. 
Four basic vertex / point encoding methods. Aimed at isosurfaces and 
texturing objects. It acts somewhat like a limited segments, linear 

Fleshed out it_ keyword support within warp turbulence blocks. Basically 
it_ prefixed keyword aliases for all traditional turbulence settings.

Added it_scale <float> support to the patterns 'agate' and 'wood'.

Added it_scale to the feature irid. The irid feature also now uses 
'it_amount' - replacing 'turbulence'. The internal inbuilt functions 
f_agate(), f_turbulence() and f_marble() were also updated.

The wood pattern itself was updated to remove the melding of x and y 
coordinates with returned DTurbulence() values as has been done since 
v1.0 of POV-Ray. Guess is the previous method was a way to fake 
different growth ring sizes but also requiring the user to carefully 
align the pattern to the surfaces. The povr fork has f_wood() and 
layered turbulences with the it_* keywords and as many 
warp{turbulence...} blocks as needed.

Added an 'it_amount' keyword to the it_ prefixed collection. Depending 
upon the context for usage, the argument might be a 3D vector (and in 
function be very like 'turbulence <3D vector>') or it might be a single 
float value and be used as a multiplier to a single returned 
Turbulence() float value at a point in 3D space. The wood pattern is the 
first pattern to make use of the keyword.

Added it_scale <float> support to warp { turbulence ... it_scale <float 
 > } and to the inbuilt function f_dturbulence(). In the warp{} case, 
the new keyword can usually replace the common 'turbulence scaling' 
sequence :

     scale 7
     warp { turbulence ... }
     scale 1/7


     warp { turbulence ... it_scale 1/7 }

Added a histogram.pov file to the DocAidScenes directory. One set up 
primarily to quickly render histograms of inbuilt patterns and functions 
to a pre-set value range.

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