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From: Stephen McAvoy
Subject: Fractal Source - Fractal.zip
Date: 29 Jun 2005 23:06:44
Message: <g9a6c1lk3f7mmf37aqksloajn7m2k8c9ro@4ax.com>
I added a variable to the formula and created an animation. Then using
tga2df3 I created a df3. The less out of focus image had more tga
images. 120 in the one you asked about. Mikes Modification uses a
three colour, colour map. So I modified that and produced three
monochrome df3's, Red, Yellow and Blue. This took 4 and a half hours
on my Laptop the df3's are 84 Megs.
The POV file to generate the image was made in Moray so the coordinate
system is not the same as in POV and there are INC and INI files. I
have found that there are 4 interesting positions for the camera and
they are symmetrical about the origin. 
BTW using a sphere instead of a box produces in interesting image but
I've not found anything worth posting.

1.	Run Mikes05y.pov three times with 3 different names to make 3
sets of tga's. 
2.	Convert the 3 sets of tga's to df3's using tga2df3. (Google is
your friend)
3.	Run den03b5_axxx.pov or den03b5_axxx.ini to create the image.



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