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From: omniverse
Subject: improving meshed chess pieces
Date: 15 Dec 2016 23:10:00
Message: <web.585321a5a3a024b59c5d6c810@news.povray.org>
In reference to Chris Young's SDL to create 3D printable POV-Ray objects:


I managed to get a little better at the process of conversion using MeshLab.
Found the Filters|Remeshing...|...Ball Pivoting method gets a fair detail if
changing percentage of ball to 60% (up from default 20). All else done the same
as instructed before by Chris on his blog page.

However, I still get plenty of holes, and cobweb stuff, but I use the MS 3D
Builder to open the resulting STL file and let it "repair". Seems to help, just
need a more perfected original mesh from MeshLab I guess.

First of all, in POV-Ray I set trace like:


Vectors being bounds for trace and next is the Deltas (don't ask me, read about
it please) and longitudinal degrees. Lastly dot marker size for render.

If your doing any of this youself, don't forget the very important
+GDfilename.asc output command. Embarassing. I did a few times already. ;)

Anyway... I guess there's still hope of getting more accurate detail from
complex shapes.


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