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From: omniverse
Subject: ye old chess scene modified again
Date: 4 Dec 2016 20:00:01
Message: <web.5844754c694afa19c5d6c810@news.povray.org>
I put together renders of that sample chess scene file that I has been around
since at least POV-Ray 2.2, compared with the chess2.pov of version 3.1g and
Realized I must have added the missing(?) 2nd ear on the knight/horse before the
release of version 3.5. Never can remember if the single ear was intentional by
chess.pov scene creator Ville Saari.

Been slowly making changes to that scene file the past several months, turning
the chess set into an include file trimmed down for inclusion with any other
scene. Finally have both the inc and pov files able to render both ways, the
original and modified.

Made changes and additions to the chess pieces so that they more closely match
sizes with a contemporary Staunton set. Most changes done to the knight/horse to
add a mane, mouth and eyes; along with tweaking the overall shape.

Main thing besides was to get rid of the quadric-based shapes from the now-named
shapes_old.inc file so that it could be bypassed entirely. I replaced them with
isosurfaces (have I mentioned how bad I am with those?) and conventional
primitives instead.

It's not mathematical perfection, or clean considering the rescaling and
translate changes I had to do, but it seems to have worked okay.

I will post the files to p.b.s-f. for your review. Please note that I was trying
features from the latest releases of and UberPOV but it should be
suitable for rendering with official 3.7. They are commented out.


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